MAFS' Brent has just spilled the tea about his sex life with Tamara before they broke up

MAFS' Brent has just spilled the tea about his sex life with Tamara before they broke up

It's all coming out now...

Married At First Sight contestant Brent Vitello has just spilled some piping hot - and pretty horned up - tea about what went on behind closed doors with Tamara Djordjevic. 

Now that his rocky relationship with his television wife is absolutely donezo (RIP), Brent is opening up about the early stages of the romance, including some x-rated confessions.

Speaking to the Good B*tch Podcast, Brent explained that he spent a fair amount of time having "long showers" at the beginning of the experiment as he wasn't sure if Tamara was keen to take their relationship to the next level.

"It was hard to read her and I guess I just wasn’t sure when it would be okay,” he said. 

"So it kind of got to a point where she was like, 'Well why are you taking so long in the shower?', I was like, 'Well, I was you know, doing my thing as a man.' And she goes, 'Well, Why would you do that? You’ve got me here,' and I was like, 'Wait what? I didn't know that was an option'."

Brent said that after the pair had done the deed, things looked to be taking a turn for the better. 

"After it we were kind of laughing and getting along so it looked like [the relationship] was going to a better level after that," he said. 

"It didn’t happen too many times after but yeah, like, it did [change the relationship]."

The reality TV star also revealed that there was no pressure from the MAFS producers for the couples to have sex - but that the rooms were always well-stocked with condoms. 

Meanwhile, Brent was clear that he and fellow contestant Ella Ding are not dating, but did say he was attracted to her and felt they would have been a better match. 

"Look, [Ella and I have] spoken about it," he says, "There is an attraction, yes, and there is great chemistry. If we were matched, I think we’d probably still be together."

There may be hope for Team Brella yet!