Listening to these artists will make you 'stronger' in the gym

Put down the protein powder and pump up your playlist.

Summer may be pretty much over, but our gym memberships are not, and our motivation levels are about as stable as Will Smith on Oscars night. 

Never fear though, because a new study has revealed that listening to certain singers can boost your workout performance - improving weightlifting results by as much as  13%.

The survey found that participants who worked out to Dua Lipa recorded a massive 37.93% increase on average when it came to the amount of weight lifted versus shifting tin to no music. 

Those who listened to Harry Styles were able to lift 35.71% on average, while BTS songs boosted strength by 22.47%.

Other artists that were mentioned in their top 10 list included Eminem, Olivia Rodrigo and Beyonce.

The top 10 artists to add to your gym playlist are:

  1. Dua Lipa – 37.93%
  2. Harry Styles – 35.71%
  3. BTS – 22.47%
  4. Lizzo -13.58%
  5. Eminem – 12.68%
  6. Drake – 10.61%
  7. Olivia Rodrigo – 10.27%
  8. Beyonce – 9.93%
  9. Doja Cat – 9.44%
  10. Metallica – 8.33%

Time to put down the protein powder and pump up the playlist.