'Betrayal and lies: MAFS' Ella confirms Mitch and Tamara are together

'Betrayal and lies: MAFS' Ella confirms Mitch and Tamara are together

"My gut instincts were right, my concerns were: He looks like a f**k boy."

Married At First Sight star Ella Ding has revealed her TV husband Mitchell Eynaud "completely cut her off" after rumors that he and fellow MAFS contestant Tamara Djordjevic had sparked up a romance began surfacing. 

Chatting to The Edge Breakfast crew about what happened after filming wrapped, Ella said as far as she's aware, Tamara and Mitch are now a couple - and she reckons they may have even known each other before the experiment. 

Despite being crushed by Mitch's refusal to commit at the final vow ceremony, Ella went and visited him in Queensland after the show, and they had a "really good time" together for two weeks. 

"Then we went to the reunion together and he started to get a bit flaky, things came out at the reunion, I started to put two and two together about things that happened inside the experiment as well - with Tamara," she said. 

"The word is that they are together. I haven't spoken to him in about two months, he completely cut me off when articles started to surface. 

Ella said Mitch and Tamara have been catching up and "doing God knows what" since the show ended, and she had a "weird feeling" they knew each other before the show. 

"I'm just trying to put the pieces together myself because it sucks. You go into this experiment as a genuine person… and there are people that just go into it and take the piss." 

Ella said she also hadn't seen or spoken to Tamara since the reunion, where all the tea was spilled about the pair texting and drunk dialling each other in secret. 

Meanwhile, viewers have been stanning the idea of Ella getting together with Tamara's TV husband Brent Vitiello, after their marriage ended on a sour note. Fans have been dubbing the pair "Brella", and they've been spotted out and about together several times. 

"Brent and I, we are really good friends," Ella said. 

"I'm going to be completely honest - obviously the show wrapped three months ago and there's been so much I've been sent and told involving Mitchell and I'm still just trying to get over all that and the betrayal and the lies. 

"I'm just not ready now. The last thing on my mind is dating. We hang out, we spend time together, and we probably would have been a better match."

Whether it's with Brent or some other lucky lad, we hope Ella finds her rightful king soon enough!