Wait, did Machine Gun Kelly just say he wants BTS to play at his wedding?

Wait, did Machine Gun Kelly just say he wants BTS to play at his wedding?

Do we think the K-pop boy band would be cool with a blood-drinking ceremony at the reception?

Here’s one you might not have seen coming: Machine Gun Kelly is keen on having K-pop phenomenon BTS play at his wedding to Megan Fox. 

What with all that “drinking each other’s blood” Megan claimed they did after getting engaged, you’d be forgiven for thinking the musical accompaniment to the couple’s big day would be a little…darker. 

But MGK didn’t hesitate when asked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which boy band he’d like to be the soundtrack to him getting hitched, replying:

The ‘Bloody Valentine’  hitmaker thought the South Korean singers would be up for the gig too, given their reaction to meeting him on the red carpet. 

“I met them at the Billboard Awards, they were, like, stoked to meet me,” he said. 

“I think I have a better chance of getting BTS to come.” 

Whether or not MGK’s wife-to-be Megan would be on board with walking down the aisle to ‘Dynamite’ remains to be seen. Given she’s rocking an engagement ring featuring a band of thorns designed to “hurt” if she takes it off, we’re thinking BTS could be a little off-brand.

Slipknot might have been able to bring a more appropriate heavy metal vibe to proceedings, but MGK burned that bridge when he called them “old weird dudes with masks”, remember? 

We can count out Eminem, for obvious reasons…and you’re hardly likely to see Halsey show up to belt out a love song. 

But hey, MGK and Willow Smith’s new song ‘Emo Girl’ seems fitting?