Is the beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly actually all fake?

scandal 21/09/2018

Since Eminem dropped his surprise album 'Kamikaze', him and Machine Gun Kelly have been in a non-stop feud. 

At first we were all for it. In Kamikaze, Eminem dissed MGK over 27 times, then MGK Fired back with his own song calling out Slim Shady and last week, Eminem fired back with his own response in 'Killshot'.

like we said, non-stop.

Now fans are starting to think this whole beef between the two was actually just a big set up to boost their sales and tbh, we can see why...

To start off the conspiracy theory, it was pointed out that the two are actually both signed the same label and had the same producer working on both their diss tracks:

The second reason some people are thinking it might be fake is the fact MGK's diss song 'Rap Devil' was actually uploaded six months ago, ages before Kamikaze came out, and was only taken off 'private' after Eminem started dissing him.

Considering the two have had their issues for awhile now, it wouldn't be a surprise if Kelly just had his song ready to go incase Eminem called him out - which he did.

While we're not convinced either way, the same can't be said for these people on Twitter:

What do you think? Is it all staged or legit?