Dua Lipa sleeps wearing an 'infrared facial light' to benefit her skin

The 26-year-old popstar revealed that she was given the LED facial mask by her mum and it really makes a difference...

Dua Lipa sleeps wearing an 'infrared face light' to benefit her skin.

The 26-year-old popstar revealed that she was given the LED facial mask - which uses light to penetrate the the skin and accelerate cell processes - by her mum and it really makes a "difference" to her skin when it comes avoiding breakouts. She said,

The best gift I've received recently is an infrared face light, from my mum. You can fold it into your suitcase and take it with you, which is handy because I'm always travelling. Before bed, I lie down and I pretty much sleep under it.

The 'Break My Heart' chart topper added that she likes to keep some of her beauty products in the fridge, claiming that there is "no better feeling" than a cold beauty roller after using face cream. She added,

I also put [traditiona skincarel] face masks in the fridge, because it’s always nice to have a cold one when you wake up in the morning – I love the Sarah Chapman ones. And I just discovered you can put beauty rollers in there too. There’s no better feeling than rolling one all over your face after you’ve put your face cream on: it’s great for de-puffing.

The 'Levitating' hitmaker then went on to speak about her daytime beauty routine, claiming that "every single" shade of lipstick she owns is brown. She told the Financial Times,

Every single type of lipstick that you will find in my house, in my make-up bag, wherever, is just different shades of brown [...] I feel like it brings out my feature. 

Dua then went on to claim that lipstick is the only essential cosmetic item she needs - along with face cream - especially for those times when she "can't be bothered" to wear a lot of make up.

She added: "When I can’t really be bothered with make-up, all I need is face cream and brown lippy and I leave the house."

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