'All a bit morbid': Ed Sheeran reveals if he's really building a crypt

'All a bit morbid': Ed Sheeran reveals if he's really building a crypt

"I find it weird that people find this odd."

With countless headlines swirling over Ed Sheeran's reported decision to build a crypt at his estate in the UK, the Edge Breakfast team had to ask the man himself when they chatted with him earlier this week.

Ed's neighbours have apparently been peeved with the popstar's plans to create a final resting place for himself under the floor of a chapel he's set to build on his estate in Suffolk, calling him "detached from reality". 

As usual, it's hard to tell fact from fiction when it comes to celebrity gossip, so Meg asked him outright: "I hear you're building a crypt, true or false?" 

At first, Ed said that "he wasn't building a crypt", but then went on to explain that basically yes, that was exactly what was happening. 

"I find it weird that people find this odd. I don't want to pass away and just be burnt and ashes scattered," he said. 

The 'I Don't Care' singer reckoned that people's fascination with his home came from the fact that there's very little other scandal in his life. 

"That is all morbid, but people's obsession with my house I find quite odd - they send drones over my house," he said. 

Of course, Ed has a whole lot of life to live and a whole lot more shows to play before he needs to be thinking about what to write on his tombstone - and thankfully, he's heading to New Zealand next year! 

"I'm so excited to be coming back," he said of little old Aotearoa.

"With everything that's going on in the world I didn't think I'd be able to come so soon, so I'm just ecstatic to be coming back. 

"I love the country just to come and visit. It was one of the first places outside of my own country that actually accepted me as a musician and liked my music." 

Ed will be playing Auckland's Eden Park and Wellington's Sky Stadium in Feb 2023, and you find out everything you need to know right here