Sing your way to Six60 Eden Park!


Finish this line...WHITE LINES and _ _!

Did you nail it? Well if you did you're the perfect person to play along with our Six60 Karaoke happening each weekday between 6th -16th April, to be in the running for tickets to their history-making show at Eden Park on April 24th.

Just register your deets below and we could be calling back just after 7am each weekday, finish the Six60 lyric we sing down the phone to you and you'll score a double pass to Six60 Eden Park!

And just announced these legends will be joining Six60 at Eden Park: Drax Project, Sir Dave Dobbyn, Troy Kingi & The Clutch, JessB, Maimo. Remember you can still get tickets but they're selling faaaast, click HERE for all the event and ticketing details.