Boss your Bestie to win a pamper package!


We all have that bossy bestie who can't help but always be on your back. Well it's time to get your own back and be rewarded for it!

Thanks to the new movie Like a Boss, you could be in to win cash to go towards a boujee pamper package, a day trip outta town, orrrr matching handbags.

Register below to go in the draw to Boss your Bestie on air! Sharyn and Jayden will be calling someone back each day to give them the chance to make their bestie do something pretty cray. Only catch is if your bestie doesn't do it, neither of you win cash! So make sure you choose someone pretty ballsy, because Sharyn and Jayden will be coming up with the situations to put your bestie through (and they'll be pretty savage).

The beauty business is about to get ugly. Don't F with BFFs. See Like a Boss in cinemas January 23. Rated R13.

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