From M&Ms to Chinese Gooseberry: The forgotten Trumpet ice cream flavours of the last 60 years
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What's Good

From M&Ms to Chinese Gooseberry: The forgotten Trumpet ice cream flavours of the last 60 years


One of New Zealand’s most beloved slots in dairy freezers belongs to the Trumpet. This year is the coned ice cream’s 60th birthday in our country. 

So, to celebrate, we’re going through a list of the most intriguing flavours they’ve had that you may have no idea existed. 

There are a few that would have me glancing again at the oh-so-lovely-to-peel wrapper to make sure I'm reading it right, and there's at least one I need to try right friggin now. 

Trumpet’s Forgotten Flavours


Maybe I haven’t delved deep enough into the ice cream game, but I just can’t imagine what this would taste like. I feel like I'd definitely try this one though. 


Now we’re talking. Three flavours in one, combine that with the chocolate-coated cone interior and you’ve got one ice cream you just can’t complain about. 

Jelly Tip

Their beloved iceblock morphed into the trumpet must have been an easy choice for the big wigs at TipTop. 

Peanut Butter

This one’s still around now and that is no surprise. The early 2020s saw a huge PB ice cream movement: Whittaker’s Peanut Slab ice cream was hot cold property for a good few months. 

Strawberry Jelly

Gotta be the cousin or sister of the Jelly Tip, as I’m struggling to imagine a major difference.

M & M’s

BANGING ice cream flavour - truly one of the best. 

Kiwifruit (or Chinese Gooseberry)

This is an oldie. I wonder if my Grandma ever gave my young mum one of these as a little treat. 

Toffee Cream

Speaking of Grandma, this is one she would have kept for herself and neither I nor my mother would’ve been mad about it. 

Chocolate Orange

This is an absolutely iconic flavour combination - exhibit A being jaffa chocolates. 

1980 NZ Olympics team edition

It is wild that an ice cream sponsored our best athletes. 


Overrated Drake song but it is always a stunning flavour for any desert or lolly. 

Frozen Berry Yoghurt

Fro-yo in a trumpet cone? Get tf inside me right now. 

Banoffee Pie

No sources for this, but I feel like Banoffee is having a bit of a resurgence rn. Maybe bring these back. 

Choc Sundae

Classic ice cream flavour evidenced by its undying popularity at Maccas. 

Cheers for six decades of being a solid option at the tri-weekly NZ summer dairy trip Trumpet. Enjoy the big 6 - 0!