NZ gals’ top 10 bedroom icks revealed: If you encounter number 5, run for the HILLS hon
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NZ gals’ top 10 bedroom icks revealed: If you encounter number 5, run for the HILLS hon

If I spot a yellow stain... You're done!

From crusty pillows to mystery stains, the shock of walking into a love interest's bedroom only to be met with the biggest red flags has got single Kiwis openly sharing their biggest bedroom icks.

Bumble wanted to find out what turns off singletons the most after the viral ‘yellow pillow’ trend did the rounds late last year.

People were flipping out over spotting a yellow-stained pillow in a partner’s bedroom - tell me you’ve never done the same… I’ll wait.

A whopping 72% of single Kiwi ladies would cringe at the sight of a yellow pillow in their date's bedroom. A little crazy considering two out of three singles in New Zealand actually admitted to snoozing on pillows that haven't seen the inside of a washing machine in over a year!

So, what else has us cringe tf out when walking into someone else's room?

Kiwis’ Top 10 Bedroom Ick List:

10. Empty cups and an unmade bed
These equal out to be the tenth biggest ick for us single pringles. Imagine walking into both - eugh!

9. Kids bedding
If you’ve not grown out of your racing car bed phase, it’s a no from 42% of Kiwi gals.

8. Single bed
If I can’t starfish next to you and still have enough space, it’s NOT happening!

7. No bed frame/mattress on the floor

6. Lube on the bedside table
Look, it's a great creation, but almost half of single Kiwi women don't want to start wondering who else has been using it, you know?

5. Mirror on the ceiling
If I make eye contact with myself, I’m running for the hills. 55% of women are not keen to get a bird's eye view.

4. Piles of dirty clothes on/near the bed
What’s that pong?!

3. Remnants of food or drink by the bed
Okay, but everyone is guilty of this, right? Maybe make sure you have a quick spruce up of the room for the 56% of singles who will gag at the sight of a dirty mug.

2. Yellow pillow
Shockingly ranking in second, there’s only one more thing that will give Kiwi gals the ick.

1. Stains on the bedding
A whopping 84% of women are not keen on seeing any sort of leftovers dried into the sheets. Can you blame us?

Want to impress your next date? 79% of single Kiwi women say the smell of freshly washed sheets is a turn-on. 

So, strip that stained covered bed and chuck a load on would ya!? If you’re past the point of no return I heard Briscoes usually has a sale… RUN! lol