US taste testers rank Whittaker's chocolate second to last in the world and I'm rioting
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US taste testers rank Whittaker's chocolate second to last in the world and I'm rioting

The reason is valid, but doesn't hurt any less.

One US website has officially found a way to offend all Kiwis - claiming Whittaker's is one of the worst chocolate brands worldwide.

Tasting Table officially ranked 25 popular chocolate brands with Whittakers slapped in 24th place, somehow flopping lower than the likes of Lindt, Kinder and Toblerone.

The most shocking part? Their reason is sort of warranted as much as it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

The official taste testers' reason for ranking our beloved choccy so low was because of the price, which I’ll admit is a reasonable reason to bump it down a few notches, but no excuse for second to friggin’ last.

“The only reason Whittaker's landed lower on our list is due to the shipping price for consumers outside of Australia or New Zealand,” the website states.

But while the website might've been critical of the cost, it was extremely complimentary of the taste, writing: “Whittaker's takes every precaution to ensure a high-quality and delicious chocolate result every time.”

"The taste is worth the price if you can swing it.”

Despite rising in price twice between 2022 and 2023, Kiwis took it on the chin after the brand explained it didn’t want to compromise its quality or quantity.

Back in March last year, Whittaker’s explained: “Our costs continue to rise, and we will never cut into these costs by compromising on our quality ingredients.”

“We promise to continue crafting world-class chocolate from our factory in Porirua. Thank you for your incredible, continued support,” the company finished.

"Still won't stop me buying my Whittaker's chocolate... need my fix,” one choccy fan wrote on the initial post, with many others sharing the same attitude.

Let’s hope our American mates can get on board too - Surely it’s not too late to reconsider the rankings, right?! Ah well, maybe next year we can move up the ranks and snatch the confectionary crown.

And now, a drumroll for the official Tasting Table chocolate rankings:

  1. Lake Champlain Chocolates  
  2. Raaka Chocolate  
  3. Hu Kitchen  
  4. La Maison du Chocolat  
  5. Ghirardelli  
  6. Theo Chocolate  
  7. Lindt  
  8. Godiva  
  9. Tony's Chocolonely  
  10. Hershey's  
  11. Toblerone  
  12. Jacques Genin  
  13. Milka  
  14. Guylian  
  15. Mars  
  16. Kinder  
  17. Scharffen Berger  
  18. Duc d'O  
  19. Ritter Sport  
  20. Cadbury  
  21. Dove  
  22. Nestlé  
  23. Russell Stover  
  24. Whittaker's  
  25. Esthechoc