Micro-needling, Crocs & Sex Toys: 10 eyebrow-raising things Kiwis bought with AfterPay in 2023
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What's Good

Micro-needling, Crocs & Sex Toys: 10 eyebrow-raising things Kiwis bought with AfterPay in 2023

It's giving 'I don't remember ordering this'.

The cossie livs crisis has made most of us take a good hard look at our spending habits - but it hasn't been able to entirely stop the deep-seated urge to, well…buy random shit. 

When the price of basic necessities at the supermarket leaves you shaking your head after every shop, sometimes all that can make you feel better is a purchase that's not really necessary at all. 

AfterPay has released data on what Kiwis have been using the 'buy-now-pay-later' service for, and has put together a list of the top 10 most out there things we splurged on. 

Crocs clogs crack the top 5 (some would argue those are a basic necessity), while health and wellness products like a massage table, plant powder shots and anti-ageing vitamins also proved hella popular. 

Then of course there was the fun stuff, like Playstations, Lego and sex toys - pretty much all the bases were covered. 

Top 10 quirkiest products bought using Afterpay in 2023 

1. Massage table

Unsure if this purchase was from people starting up their own masseuse side hustle or Kiwis who just wanted to go above and beyond for their partners, but it was a top purchase amongst millennials last year, and I really can't tell you why. 

2. Cosmetic Clinic Meso needling

Sometimes it's pretty wild to take a step back and consider that we voluntarily pay to have other people stick needles in our face in the name of beauty, but this kind of non-surgical skin treatment is super popular when it comes to skin rejuvenation - and usually not cheap.

3. Nutrient Rescue’s Get Started pack

Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe it's the emphasis on 'self-care', but it turns out Kiwis are keen to find new ways to add to their 5+ A Day - this time in powder form. 

4. Sony PlayStation 5 Console

This one's not too much of a surprise, considering the hefty price tag and years of shortages and instant sell-outs. Both Gen Z and Millennials were determined to add this one to the cart. 

5. Crocs Mega Crush Clog: 

There was no escaping the return of the Croc in 2023, and the Mega Crush Clog elevated the old favourite both figuratively from a fashion POV and literally, with its platform sole. 

SOURCE: Platypus Shoes NZ

6. LEGO Icons: Botanical Series - Bonsai Tree:

Lego's botanical range went gangbusters on TikTok in 2022, and it's remained a big hit for both Lego enthusiasts and people who just can't keep plants alive.

SOURCE: Mighty Ape

7. Cricut Maker 3 Machine Multicoloured

The crafty Kiwis amongst us got creative with a Cricut, which seems to be able to do everything from embellishing leather to cutting wood to printing cushion covers. You can see why it's a 'I don't know why I need this, but I do' kind of purchase.

8. ApneaRX - Revolutionary Sleep Apnea and Snoring Solution:

What are the bets most of these puppies were purchased by pissed off partners rather than by the snorers themselves? Either way, if there's a little device that can give people a better night's sleep, you can be pretty sure it's gonna go off. 

9. Adult Toy Mega Store's 5 Senses Naughty and Nice Advent Calendar 

Who needs 24 days of sex toys? Heaps of people, apparently. A whole lotta New Zealanders splurged on this very different kind of advent calendar to keep the silly season spicy last year. 

SOURCE: Adult Toy Mega Store NZ

10. About Health's Healthy Ageing Pack:

Over 60% of the buyers of these supplements were boomers, which obviously tracks. And to all the youngins trying to get ahead of the curve…you go, Glen Coco!

SOURCE: About Health NZ