Steph shares her 5 questionable ways to stay cool this summer
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Steph shares her 5 questionable ways to stay cool this summer

I'll do anything to avoid the summer swelter.

Ahh, summer is in full swing and it's turning up the heat - finally!

With the scorching sun having me scatter to the dairy for ice cream, regular beach days and cracking a window open at night, I'm doing everything we can to avoid the summer swelter.

But fear not, fellow sweat-dripping sufferers cuz I've got the tactics to channel you're inner Demi Lovato and keep cool for the summer.

Ways to stay cool this summer:

Go into a booze store, any booze store, go into the chiller, and just stand there. Important: Make sure you look like you're interested in buying something though. Do a few circles around, pretending to be selecting what RTD you might want to buy. Don't buy anything but spend a good few minutes basking in the cold air.

Floaties aren't just for kids. Fill up some floaties with water. Pop them into the freezer, until frozen. Put them on, and voila, icey cold arms for the afternoon. If they don't fit, try your wrists or ankles.

Invest in a desk fan. Open your freezer and put it in, leaving the door to the freezer open. Sit in front of the freezer. The fan will blow cold air at your face. Important: don't look at the power bill for the month you do this.

Add chilli flakes to EVERYTHING. Breakfast cereal, toast, coffee, your salad at lunch, sprinkle it in your Frank Green or Stanley Cup. Spice makes you sweat. Sweat helps to cool you down. Yes, your mouth might be on fire, but your body will regulate your temperature and cool you down.

Pick a fight with your partner juuusst before bedtime. That way, they'll go sleep on the couch or in the spare room, and you get the whole bed to yourself, without another human's body temperature right up in your grill keeping you hot.

So, take note because we're in for a few more summer stunners in 2024 and you'll be thanking your frozen floaties for tackling the temp.