Duck Island has a new flavour with a spicy special ingredient and real Grey Goose vodka in it
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What's Good

Duck Island has a new flavour with a spicy special ingredient and real Grey Goose vodka in it

I've tried it and I have thoughts

We all know fruity cocktails and ice cream are two of the absolute best things about summer. But what if you smashed them together? 

Well, we're about to find out, cos Duck Island and Grey Goose have just collabed on a new boozy ice cream flavour we never knew we needed. 

The locally-owned ice cream icons and the famous French vodka brand have teamed up to celebrate the ASB Classic tennis tournament which is going on in Auckland rn, and has sports fans all over the world in a chokehold. 

The new Duck Island flavour is inspired by Grey Goose's special tennis-themed cocky-T, the 'One Love', and features a sweet strawberry base which is then infused with fragrant toasted Szechuan pepper and swirled with tart strawberry Grey Goose Vodka jam.

I've managed to get my grubby mitts on a tub, and this stuff actually needs to be tasted to be believed. At first, it's giving classic refreshing strawberry, but the hint of pepper comes through in such an interesting way, and you do get a little zing of that vodka taste throughout. It's pretty great, is what I'm saying. 

"It was a fun challenge for our flavour developers to work with vodka, and the resulting flavour is absolutely delicious," Duck Island co-founder Kim Higgison said. 

"We’re really excited by it, it's a perfect summer scoop." 

I've said it before and I'll say it again - who the heck are these people that work as ice cream flavour developers and how do I become one? (if my boss is reading this, I love my job but can't blame a gal for trying...?!!) 

Anyway, the limited edition ice cream is available exclusively at Duck Island's ASB Classic pop up store until Jan 13th, but fingers crossed if it's hella popular it'll end up in their regular stores.