Where, when and how to watch the super rare meteor shower flying over NZ tonight
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Where, when and how to watch the super rare meteor shower flying over NZ tonight

There are a few towns that have the ultimate view!

New Zealand is set to be a prime spot to watch the super rare meteor shower going down tonight.

If you’re excited to catch a glimpse, but you aren’t too sure about what’s going on… Here’s what to expect!


On December 12th (tonight), Kiwis can witness the first-ever meteor shower tag-teamed by comet 46P/Wirtanen. It’s set to happen between 8pm and 12:30am.


Meteor showers actually do happen pretty frequently - apparently, there are about 30 a year that can be seen by the human eye - but this one is extra special.

Why, you ask? Well, it's all about New Zealand's lucky spot on the big blue ball, Earth.

If you wanna get all scientific with it, Space.com says: “Meteor showers are created when Earth passes through clouds of debris left behind by comets as they move close to the sun.”

And this one is associated with the comet that had a cosmic run-in with Jupiter back in '72.


Guide to the stars, Auckland Stardome astronomer Rob Davison, told Newshub it’s all about the right place right time.

"[New Zealand is] the perfect place where this is happening just as we are going into the evening," he said. 

So, how do you snag a front-row seat to this celestial extravaganza? 

Rob instructs to "get away from light pollution as much as possible." 

In other words, ditch the city lights for the darkness. 

“The darker the sky, the more easily you'll be able to see them, particularly if they're very faint and small one," he added.

Cross your fingers for clear skies if you’re in Northland, Wellington, Wairarapa, Canterbury, Marlborough, and central Otago, because you’ve got the ultimate view.

Oh, and don't forget to bundle up, you might be stargazing for a while.

So, grab a blanket, find a cosy spot away from city lights, and get ready to witness the mesmerising meteors.