What’s NZ’s fav Subway sub? We’ll tell you AND give ya a chance to win a giant inflatable sammy
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What's Good

What’s NZ’s fav Subway sub? We’ll tell you AND give ya a chance to win a giant inflatable sammy

Catch me eating a sammy on a sammy this summer!

It’s World Sandwich Day today and since Subway knows Kiwis love a summer sammy, they’re giving away some of their iconic sub-shaped inflatable pool toys. 

Across the globe, Subway sells around 2,900 sandwiches every minute. That’s a lot. Here in New Zealand, the Chicken Classic is the most popular variety of theirs. It’s the most often ordered sandwich in both the North and South Islands. 

However, the island rivalry begins after that, with the Meatball Melt being #2 in the North and the Leg Ham sub being #2 in the South.  

Who do we have to thank for the sandwich? That would be John Matagu, the 4th Earl of the UK town of Sandwich. Back in the 1700s, John loved to play card games and would play in stints so long that he’d grow hungry staring at his hands. 

So, he fixed his hunger by having his valet bring him some meat tucked between two slices of bread. He wouldn’t have to use pesky cutlery this way, likely allowing him to keep one hand free so he could keep on staring at his cards. 

His playing mates saw what he was doing and wanted to get in on the action. Soon, the meal was a popular thing around the world. 

Imagine what old mate would say now seeing how popular they’ve become, and how shooketh he’d be at the thought of eating a sandwich while floating on a giant inflatable one in a pool. 

To win one of 100 inflatable pool toys, you could just order a footlong for pick-up or delivery on the Subway Delivers app on World Sandwich Day (3 Nov). 

As a treat, Subway has also given us five of their pool toys to give away to you guys, as well as $100 in Subway credit. 

All you have to do is enter the competition below and answer one easy question (it’s an open-book test so don’t worry, you should get it right). 

Happy summer sandwiching!