We love ya,  Aperol Spritz - but here's what everyone will be drinking THIS summer

We love ya, Aperol Spritz - but here's what everyone will be drinking THIS summer

The summer drinks forecast is showing a high chance of SLAY

We've vibed the espresso martinis hard, we've posed with more glasses of aperol spritz than we really should have, but there's a new summer on the horizon babes, and with that comes a new era of drinks. 

Our pals at Liquorland have used their crystal ball (but mainly their expertise and industry contacts) to fill us in on the drinks forecast for the summer of 23/24 and there's a high chance of SLAY with these bevs. 

Check out what's going to be trending at the bach, beach, festie and house party this year. 

Margaritas are the 'IT GIRL'

Tequila is trending! Margaritas have never been more popular, but the handy part is they're now taking over the RTD scene. 

Albas sparkling margs in a can have already proven massively popular in the colder months this year, and there's more on the way, including canned margs from Altos, Major Major and Jose Cuervo. 

Margaritas are trending

Gone are the days of mixing up a massive pitcher of fluro green margs from a cheap powdered packet mix - all you need to do to get bougie on a budget this summer is salt the rim of your best glass and pour in a chilled margarita straight from a can. 

Add a fancy ice cube or some dehydrated lime as a garnish and who needs to drop $100 a round at the bar? 

Rum is back in a big way

Prepare to see rum cocktails make a delicious return to the mainstream this summer, including in RTD form for on the go cocky-ts. 

Malibu is bringing out strawberry daiquiri and pina colada cans, as well as a brand new watermelon and pineapple flavoured rum. 

Bumbu creme rum

ICYMI, DJ Khaled is the ambassador for Bumbu rum, and their cream version is set to take over classic Baileys over ice this summer for a sweet boozy treat. 

Absofruitly sweet and sour

Summer vibes always = fruity drinks, but you'll be able to level up this silly season in more ways than one. 

Odd Company have three new mix packs coming out - Berry, Citrus and Tropical, so you can pick up whichever one *speaks to you* the most and you're gonna get three flavours that are right up your alley.

Batched cocktails

Frozen, boozy slushies are also gonna be huge in 2023/24, and they're best made with fresh fruit - check out this super easy white wine strawb slushy recipe or this slushy peach bellini

And you might have already heard of Batched Ready Made Cocktails, but you may not know about all their delish fruity flavours like passionfruit martini, strawberry and rhubarb gin sour and salted grapefruit margarita. Again, all you need to do is shake and shang that in a nice glass with some garnish and you're basically a bartender. 

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