WATCH: The new 'Mean Girls' musical movie trailer has dropped, and it's so freaking FETCH
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WATCH: The new 'Mean Girls' musical movie trailer has dropped, and it's so freaking FETCH

Get in loser we're going to the movies!

The official trailer for the new ‘Mean Girls’ movie musical has dropped with a few familiar faces, plus a load of new ones who are about to bring back all those burn-book-worthy vibes.

It kicks off with Tim Meadows reprising his orignial role as Principal Duvall screaming "Oh, hell no!" as chaos unfolds at North Shore High School.

Tina Fey has also returned as Ms. Norbury, the math teacher we all secretly wanted to be besties with. And in true Ms. Norbury fashion, she's telling a student to keep it "PG-13, please”.

The trailer is stacked with winks and nudges to the OG 2004 flick with The Plastics' iconic Christmas talent show, the prom, and the Halloween party.

But hold onto your burn book, because the trailer claims that this is “not your mother’s Mean Girls.” 

Low-key rude making us feel that old, tbh!

Paramount's remake isn't a copy + paste of the original, nope, it’s actually an adaption from the Tony-nominated 'Mean Girls' Broadway musical.

But while it’s a musical, there’s actually nada music to be heard in the trailer other than Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘get him back!’.

A little sus if you ask me, but maybe they’re just teasing us - ngl, I was seriously holding out for the “my name is Regina Geoooorge” to kick in.

Either way, the new ‘Mean Girls’ is promising a modern twist and with Reneé Rapp (the super-talented actress who originally slayed the role of Regina George on Broadway) taking it to the big screen, we know it’s gonna be a slay!

So pick your fetchest outfit and get in, loser, ‘cause we're heading to watch Mean Girls in in Jan 2024.