Uber Eats has dropped food prices down to as cheap as they were in 80s when the ABs won the RWC
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What's Good

Uber Eats has dropped food prices down to as cheap as they were in 80s when the ABs won the RWC

Best throwback ever...

In a slay show of support for our ABs as they try to win the Rugby World Cup for the fourth time, Uber Eats is lowering food prices to what they were in the 80s - when we first won.

On Saturday and Sunday, a select 300 eateries will be offering cheeseburgers for $2, Hawaiian pizzas for $4, fish and chips for $3 and hot chips for $1. Those are roughly what they cost back in 1987 when New Zealand won the first-ever Rugby World Cup. 

Once you jump on the app, you'll be able to see what eateries are part of the discount. You can only use the promotion once over the weekend, but it’s still pretty great. 

“To enhance the matchday buildup, and in the countdown to hopefully another moment of glory on the world stage, said Emma Foley, Uber NZ’s General Manager.

“New Zealanders will be able to check out items at prices they would have last experienced when Funky Town was topping the charts and when the All Blacks bested the French at Eden Park in eighty-seven.”

One of the players on that champion 1987 team was Sir Michael Jones. He said he’s gonna be getting amongst the deal when the big game is on. 

“My meal on Sunday morning will probably be a bit less regimented than what the boys in black eat nowadays,” he said. “But it’s a universal experience to order some kai on Uber Eats and watch the big game, and we’ll all be supporting at 8 AM on Sunday.”

Eateries that are a part of the discount will not lose any money as Uber will pay them the full price of the menu items ordered. How good is a guilt-free discount?!

Hopefully, the boys pull the win out of the bag and we can all celebrate with a nice, cheap feed (if you haven't already ordered the game, which I definitely will have).