Review: Logitech's Casa Pop-Up Desk is going viral for being a WFH game-changer - but is it?
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Review: Logitech's Casa Pop-Up Desk is going viral for being a WFH game-changer - but is it?

Open your desk like a book!

REVIEW: I’m a TW*T - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the office type of gal - and my god, I’ve been sick of lugging my laptop, keyboard and mouse around back and forth.

That’s why when Logitech hit me up to see if I was keen to try their new Casa Pop-Up Desk that I’d seen going viral on TikTok, I did a happy little dance.

The Casa has been getting hype on social media for revolutionising the WFH and study game for students, employees and ofc influencers.

While working remotely and hot-desking can be considered a luxury in my job, it means battling the daily transporting of, well, my whole desk.

We’re talking about fitting my clunky Bluetooth keyboard into my bag and fiddling around for wayyy too long trying to find where my mouse has hidden itself amongst three days worth of plastic lunch containers I haven’t washed yet.

But not anymore… 

In full transparency, the kit isn’t exactly on the cheap side at $329.95, and I can admit that it’s a huge price to pay for a small change to your workflow. 

So, is it actually worth the hype and hefty price tag that comes with it?

My first impression when unboxing the Casa was: “ooOoH look how cute!” Not only because of its ‘bohemian blush’ colour but also its sleek and slim look.

It genuinely looks like a hardcover book, and you wouldn’t even believe what’s inside.

When you open it up, it’s actually a little pop-up desk with the essential pieces needed to take your workspace on the go.

The compact case comes with a Bluetooth trackpad and keyboard, and if you’ve ever used a Logitech keyboard before, you’ll know how satisfying they are to type on. 

It even has an emoji and screenshot button, which actually proves quite handy for a Gen-Z gal like myself.

I’ve not had either device die on me yet, which I guess is a testament to Logitech’s promise of a full charge lasting 5 months for the keyboard and 3 weeks for the trackpad. 

The setup can connect to up to three devices and is compatible with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and iPadOS, so I have been switching between my work (Windows) and personal (macOS) laptops. 

The trackpad did take some time to get used to. Learning the two-finger scroll, pinch to zoom and three-finger swipe between tabs was tricky and quite difficult to hack while using Photoshop as part of my job, but the almost silky feel to it was a dream compared to my regular lappy situation.

Another feature that stood out to me was the storage compartment to keep your pens and cables in one spot - I’m notorious for having my phone die in the middle of the day, so always having a charger on me is ideal - especially without the rummage of the bag situation I mentioned earlier.

With specially designed ridges in each section, it makes popping the keyboard and trackpad in and out a breeze - it’s the little things, ya know!

The pop-up desk also folds into a laptop stand via a magnet, and let me tell you, my neck has never been more grateful.

When I WFH, I don’t have a desk, so you’ll find me leaning over the coffee table or working on the kitchen island. Having an elevated screen has seriously helped with my posture, so I’m no longer looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Logitech provided Sophie with the Casa Pop-Up Desk for the purposes of this review.