Chris Luxon has come with the receipts to spill what's actually on his $60 grocery list
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Chris Luxon has come with the receipts to spill what's actually on his $60 grocery list

We FINALLY have our answer!

Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon has finally revealed what is included in his $60 supermarket shopping list.

ICYMI: Luxon made headlines around the country last week after boldly claiming his weekly supermarket splurge costs just “60 bucks”.

As grocery prices have skyrocketed 8% over the last year, many Kiwis were left dumbfounded and questioned where Luxy must’ve been doing his shopping.

Welp, the man himself joined our good friends over at Mai FM to set the record straight.

Luxon cleared up: "The question I was asked was, 'What do you spend at the supermarket each week'? Right.”

“The point is that I spend a big part of the week actually in Wellington away from my family because I live in Auckland. And so what I meant was every when I arrive in Wellington, I go to the supermarket."

"People are quite surprised I do," he added.

So, what exactly is on the shopping list for old 60 bucks Lux?

"I just buy my breakfast stuff. So usually it's some Weet-bix and some oats."

I knew he was a Weet-bix man! Maybe he should give the grocery lists we created for his weekly shop a red-hot go?

While he says he did answer the question with honesty, he does admit to missing the mark a little.

"I didn't probably answer what I spend on food, obviously, but I answered the question very rationally thinking that's what I've been asked," he clarified.

Here we all were, sitting here, racking our brains over whether he was a rice or 2-minute noodles kind of guy, when it actually turns out it's a tough decision between breakfast cereals.