A bakery is having a 'donut election' with flavours for each NZ political party and I vote YUM
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A Kiwi bakery is having a 'donut election' with flavours for each political party & I vote YUM

Not the Greens one being so on trend

One Auckland bakery is getting into the spirit of democracy by holding a 'donut election' with themed treats for each political party, and it's enough to make you reconsider your vote. 

Beaufort + Co in Auckland's Albany have gone all out with their delicious-looking creations, which will be on sale until they close on Sunday - the day after the election. 

The flavours for each party are: 

  • Raspberry for Labour
  • Blueberry for National
  • Matcha for the Greens
  • Lemon Curd for Act
  • Chocolate Strawberry forTe Pāti Māori
  • Salty Caramel for NZ First

I know the whole point of an election is to choose just one, but surely in this case a taste-test of each is in order…to make an informed decision? 

The cafe have made it clear they don't endorse any particular party themselves, and are just having a bit of (extremely yum) fun. 

They're keeping their customers up to date with the 'polls' each day on their Instagram story, showing which flavours have been the most popular, and the results so far are very interesting. 

Today, National (Blueberry), Labour (Raspberry) and NZ First (Salty Caramel) were all neck-and-neck with 21% each. Te Pāti Māori (Choc Strawberry) and the Greens (Matcha) both had 14%, and Act (Lemon Curd) had just 7%. 

Results of the donut poll

The idea of a hard-out National supporter secretly scoffing a Labour donut because raspberry has always been their fave just tickles me. Imagine catching a Greenie forgoing the Matcha option for a mouthwatering Lemon Curd treat inspired by Act? 

Whichever way you vote, it's a brilliant concept.

Also, I think everyone should know Beaufort + Co make an alcoholic piña colada donut, which IMO would easily be the winner of the donut election, should it choose to run in 2026.