'Lose Control' - Teddy Swims (Live Acoustic Performance)
Watch Teddy Swims sing his hit song 'Lose Control' live and acoustic
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WATCH: Teddy Swims performs his latest hit 'Lose Control' at The Edge

His voice is so powerful!

We were beyond stoked to have Teddy Swims and his powerful voice perform his latest hit 'Lose Control' right here at Edge HQ. 

While he was here, Teddy came in and spoke to our Edge Breakfast's Clint, Meg and Dan about his latest track and got real about his emotional performances. 

Teddy isn't afraid to get in his feels onstage, in fact, he even broke down in tears during a recent show in his home state, Georgia in the USA. 

On letting his emotions out, Teddy told Meg: "Everything is just the fullest feeling of every feeling that I have. There's no 90%, you know?"

He added: "It is tough sitting through some of those things sometimes, but I'm very grateful that things happen to me sometimes at a show and people picked up the words that I'm saying, but that kind of makes it worse sometimes 'cause they love you and they wanna sing it with you and I'm just like 'why do I deserve this?'"

"I do the best job in the world with the best pals in the world and every day I'm just like in awe of people and I couldn't be happier."

Teddy is an amazing human with the vocals to match. Check out the full video above to witness it for yourself!