If you liked the whipped Dalgona coffee lockdown trend, you'll LOVE the viral 'Crema di Caffe'
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What's Good

If you liked the whipped Dalgona coffee lockdown trend, you'll LOVE the viral 'Crema di Caffe'

sorry in advance to my lactose intolerant girlies... but we have a solution for you too!

Summer is (hopefully) on the way, and that means it's iced coffee season, binches! 

You'll of course remember the absolute chokehold that Dalgona whipped coffee had on the world during the start of the pandemic (one of the small silver linings IMO), but that trend kind of faded away the same time lockdown did. 

Enter 'crema di caffe', a super indulgent way to enjoy coffee cold. It's nothing new for Italians, but has just racked up nearly 7m views on TikTok and it made me do a hell of a double take when it came up on my FYP. 

As the name suggests, this is basically 'coffee cream' and it's def more of a sweet treat than a replacement for your daily coffee. Whip this out (that pun will make more sense in a second) when you have people round for dinner and they will lose it  - trust me. 

Three ingredients, one empty bottle - super easy and FREAKING YUM, and I know this because I made it myself. 

Crema Di Caffè Recipe: 

Step 1: Grab a decent shot of espresso 

Step 2: Add a few spoons of powdered sugar to the hot coffee, then leave it to chill in the fridge 

Step 3: Pour it into an empty  bottle (or jar, or protein shaker) and fill it half up with cream

Step 4: Shake till it changes from "sloshing" to "slapping" (minds out the gutter, please) and serve

I spooned mine into a glass and dusted it with some cocoa powder and OH MY GOD, look at it! 

the viral 'Crema di Caffe'

Am I in the wrong profession? Am I a food photographer now? Or a chef? 

Anyway, can confirm it was absolutely delicious and super simple. Plus, according to the comments, it can be made with vegan cream like cashew or coconut for the dairy-free coffee kweens amongst us. 

the viral 'Crema di Caffe'

According to some Italians in the comments, it's traditional to actually freeze this mixture and eat it like ice cream, so you best believe I'm trying that.

On the other hand, one commenter said they "shook too hard and made coffee butter", so there's that. 

Is it just me, or does coffee butter sound kind of good?