From trolley-leavers to thumbs-up emojis: The annoying things people do that should be illegal
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From trolley-leavers to thumbs-up emojis: The annoying things people do that should be illegal

It's the iPad kids everywhere for me!

We are sooo over of a bunch of minor nuisances ruining the flow of our day.

So, inspired by this Reddit thread, we came up with a list of things that should totally be illegal due to being a) caused by human ignorance, b) easily avoidable, and c) so friggin annoying.


Trolleys in carparks

Going through the joy of finding a spot and thanking the carparking God's, only to reverse away as the trolley stares at you is embarrassing.

There is internet lore that states putting the trolley away is the ultimate test of being a good or bad member of society. "No one will punish you for not returning the cart... you must return it because it is the right thing to do," the theory states, and I totally agree. 

Playing your phone out loud in public

Loads of suggestions to this list came from people simply being tired of having their eardrums rattled by things they didn’t ask for.

Playing music through a Bluetooth speaker while on the train; watching TikTok with no headphones at the movies; parents letting their kids watch something on their iPads in public. Keep sounds to your g-damn self, please!

Unnecessarily disrupting the flow of travel

Whether you’re in a car, plane or simply walking, it should be enforced by law to keep in mind your fellow travellers. 

Don’t hog or crowd a footpath, especially if you’re stopping for a chat. The same goes when on an elevator - leave some space. And, if you’re waiting at an intersection with pedestrian traffic lights, HIT THE BUTTON!

A minimum speed limit should be enforced to get rid of slow drivers, especially those in the fast lane. If there’s an accident or police have pulled someone over, there really is no need to slow down for a nosey geez (admittedly, I do this). 

When your plane has landed, do not rush, push or mush those ahead of you. I promise you will get off the plane... eventually. 

Not giving the car wave

With the chaos that is New Zealand roads, not gesturing a thank you wave or not flicking the hazards when someone lets you in should lead to jail time. It's that simple. 

On the same note, but in the world of social media and texting, responding thanks or confirming news with a simple thumbs-up emoji is not good enough.

Honourable Mentions

Other annoying things humans do that should definitely be illegal include chewing loudly, not replacing toilet paper rolls when you finish them and posting movie and TV show spoilers online.

Obviously, we don’t really think these should be punishable by law… but they kinda should, lol!