An Aussie journo has legit given her newborn baby the most wild name just to prove a point
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An Aussie journo has given her newborn baby the most wild name just to prove a point

Poor little fella.

An Aussie journalist, Kirsten Drysdale, has shown the world just how far you can take the naming game. 

Sit down for this one, ‘cause she’s gone and actually called her newborn Methamphetamine Rules.

Now, before you start questioning what on earth Kirsten must’ve been thinking, let's set the record straight. This wasn't some crazy craving from a pregnant woman gone rogue. 

Kirsten is a presenter for ABC's WTFAQ program, where they tackle all the pressing questions in life, like "Can I legally name my baby Methamphetamine Rules?" 

So, with a baby on the way, she decided to test the waters, or in this case, the New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Now, you might be wondering if there's a secret list of forbidden names lurking somewhere. Well, it turns out, there's not! 

The rules are pretty simple: “People think there’s a specific blacklist of names, but there’s not - there’s just legislation that says it can’t be obscene or offensive, too long, there are character limits, it can’t use symbols or be an official rank or title,” Drysdale told 7News.

Turns out the so-called rules depend on who’s paying attention at the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages in each state in Aus. 

So, if they happen to turn a blind eye, you very well might end up passing with a name like Methamphetamine Rules.

“I thought there was a theoretical 0.01% chance of the name actually going through,” Kirsten said.

I mean, Elon Musk managed to get away with X Æ A-12 and Tau Techno Mechanicus for his and Grimes' kids, so can we really be shocked at anything these days?

Don't worry, though, Methamphetamine Rules won't be stuck with his crook name for life. 

The Registrar admitted this was a rare oversight (ya think?), and a more ‘normal’ name should be coming his way soon. 

As for the real name, Kirsten's keeping it under wraps, but can assure us all that it won’t be associated with class-A drugs.

Well, Methamphetamine Rules might not be the name this little Aussie legend grows up with, but it'll sure make for one heck of a 21st birthday story, right?!