'Auckland sucks': Aussie YouTuber brutally roasts the city and Aucklanders actually agree
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'Auckland sucks': Aussie YouTuber brutally roasts the city and Aucklanders actually agree

Auckland can’t catch a break, no, seriously. I mean, despite the shocking nickname 'Jaffas', Auckland seems to cop a lot of shmack from all angles. Now, an Aussie jumped on board claiming "Auckland sucks".

Melbourne-based Youtuber Wesda has created a hilarious video roasting the way we run things up in Auckland. 

From “more cones than an eshay’s bedroom” to the public transport shambles, Wesda has some zingers and we simply had to share the best ones with you.

Obviously, Wesda is just taking the piss with a lot of these roasts and Auckland does have a lot to buzz about, but it sure is funny seeing what tourists have to say about the place. 


There’s no argument the number of road cones is slowly taking over the population of Auckland. Wesda brilliantly points out some of the creative ways we’ve been able to incorporate them into the, ahem, beauty of the city.

“Even the Sky Tower can’t shake the cones, even though they were actually the most interesting thing at the base,” Wesda said with a slightly aggressive tone that I am absolutely NOT here for.


He also pointed out the fact Auckland CBD is home to more vape shops than supermarkets “and they all seem to be designed like trendy cafés”.

He does have a point with this one, why do they all look like you can order a venti, double-shot, almond milk, matcha-infused, unicorn latte with a sprinkle of edible gold flakes?


Ah, Queen Street, the once pride and joy of the city centre. Though we are strictly dividing the road in half as Wesda hilariously points out, the upper end “is steeper than a sheep's backside”.

As one who has attempted reaching K-Road in heels after a good BYO in the CBD, I can assure you it sure feels that way - but who doesn’t love a good challenge?


Whoah, as if we thought Auckland could catch a break, Wesda launches into his hefty opinions of the public transport scene. 

Buckle ya seat belts and grab your AT hop cards, cause he’s about to win this 4-0.

Wesda asks: “Why are there double-decker buses when it’s already a struggle to fill up the single-deckers?” 

Clearly, he’s never dealt with an Aucklanders commute to work in the AM… You’d be lucky to get on one at all!

He also wonders why tf Auckland has a tram. Hold up, do we have a tram?

Oh, and don’t even get Wesda started on Waitematā Station (Britomart) looking like the Death Star from ‘Star Wars’ - lol!

So, Aucklanders what do you think? Has Wesda hit the nail on the head or are some of the roasts a little to close to home?