This expert 'trash' hack to stop you impulse buying home decor at Kmart is freakin genius
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What's Good

This expert 'trash' hack to stop you impulse buying home decor at Kmart is freakin genius

"Take it to the trash!"

If you've ever walked into a store, beelined it to the homeware section and stood there staring at the aesthetic wonderland of perfect displays, don't worry, you're not alone.

Honestly, the ability to make a throw pillow look like a work of art should be studied by scientists. 

But let's get real, who hasn't fallen victim to impulse purely based on how good a vase looked on the shelf? How many times have you brought that seemingly stunning item home, only to realise it's as exciting as watching paint dry? 

We've all been there, nod your head with me.

Enter the ‘Take it to the trash’ technique. Instagram home décor guru Morgan Smith (@olivebranchcottage) has shared how she managed to stop her impulse buying habits by legitimately taking each item to the, ahem, trash.

Stay with me here!

In a video posted to Instagram, Morgan explains that while things may look pretty neat on the shelf surrounded by all the other aesthetic items, they may not look as fab once you take them home. 

So, she picks it up and toddles over to the trash can aisle of the shop and places it amongst the boring bins.

More often than not, the item you were heart eyes for just a couple aisles back is actually effing ugly! 

By mentally trashing the item before you actually buy it, you're allowing yourself a moment of clarity. Lord knows my bank account will be thankful!

You're stepping out of what Morgan calls the “Target Trance” or what I have now dubbed the “Kmart Crave”.

You snapped back into reality, realising your lounge isn't a perfectly designed showroom. And trust us, future you will thank present you for sparing your home from another lacklustre décor piece gathering dust.

So, the next time you're teetering on the edge of an impulse purchase, remember to 'take it to the trash'.

It's the secret weapon against the post-shopping blues that have haunted us all. Who knows, you might just become a pro at creating your own aesthetic space.