Doritos have teamed up with a Kiwi artist to drop two brand new iconic street food flavours
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What's Good

Doritos have teamed up with a Kiwi artist to drop two brand new iconic street food flavours

They sent some our way and there's definitely a standout flave!

Nothing like smashing a bag of chips for dinner to keep you humble. Now, Doritos have teamed up with a Kiwi artist to bring two more possible varieties you can munch on while you're 'laxing on the couch. 

‘Fire & Fury Pizza’ and ‘The Kingpin Burger’ are the new flavours available in New Zealand now. That’s right, Doritos have chucked their own spin on two of the greatest foods of all time.

They sent a few bags over to Edge HQ for us to try. The pizza flavour does pack a bit of a spicy kick so they weren’t lying about the 'Fire and Fury'. The burger flavour - which was agreed to be the best flavour of the two - tasted almost off-puttingly similar to a famous burger we all love, almost, iykyk. 

They are not just new packets of chips to devour by the way. You may have noticed the graffiti-esque artwork on the packaging.

New Doritos Burger and Pizza flavoured chips

Designed by Kiwi street artist Liam Hindley, also known as Gasp, the art empowers New Zealanders to be themselves without worrying about judgement. 

“Growing up in central Auckland, I was introduced to graffiti art culture and quickly became obsessed with it,” he said.

“I learnt to push through the fear of judgment of others which naturally comes with creating artwork in a public space because when you fail, everyone sees it”. 

Doritos Burger and Pizza designs

Gasp hopes his artwork being on the popular chip brand draws more people towards his story and mindset. 

“The creativity and inspiration that art brings to my life creates true meaning and is something that I still feel very passionate about.”

“It’s a really cool thing to be able to share with other people and I hope my art and the path I took to get to where I am today inspires others to believe in themselves and chase their own creative dreams.”

Who knows? Maybe the next bag of chips you pop open will lead you to accomplish your wildest fantasies. Even if they don’t, they’re still a pretty tasty snack.