A Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces is happening this week so get ready to dive into your feels
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A Super Blue Full Moon in Pisces is happening this week so get ready to dive into your feels

Grab your popcorn, 'cause the plot is about to thicken!

Buckle up because the end of August is about to be more captivating than a ‘MAFS’ marathon thanks to an astronomical extravaganza. On August 31st, the super blue full moon is in Pisces. 

Unfortunately, the moon won't magically turn blue (although wouldn't that be a mood?)

The Super Blue Full Moon actually gets its name from being a rare event when we get to see two full moons in a single month. 

Some would say that only happens once in a blue moon! ;D

This one's in Pisces, and you might wanna hold onto your horoscopes because this isn't just any ol' full moon. Nope, this is a super moon, meaning it's a bit closer to us, making it appear larger and brighter.

Now, let's talk vibes. Pisces is all about emotions, intuition, and tapping into the cosmic secrets the other planets just can’t get in on. 

During this super blue full moon, you might feel like the barriers between your regular life and the astral plane are as thin as the ice your ex would be on. 

So, if you suddenly find yourself talking to your plants, or if your cat starts offering some purrrfect advice, just blame it on the Pisces moon - trust me, it's a legit excuse.

And speaking of cosmic coincidences, have you ever glanced at the clock and seen 11:11? While your microwave might not be sending you secret messages (or is it?), during this moon phase, those little synchronicities might just mean something. 

So, keep an eye out for signs from the universe. Whether it's a meaningful dream, a timely message from a friend, or a sudden urge to finally try that interpretive dance class you've been putting off, don't ignore it. 

The Pisces moon is like the universe's personal text message, and it's time to reply.

It's also here to remind you that it's okay to embrace your sensitive side - that part of you that cries during the Lotto Dog commercial or feels deeply connected to the plot of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’? 

Welp, that's your ticket to success this time around, but here’s the twist you’ve been waiting for: this lunar extravaganza is happening during Virgo season. 

Virgo, the earthy and practical sign, is all about rolling up its sleeves and getting things in order. Think of this full moon as your cosmic permission slip to dive into your emotions, sort through them, and then Marie Kondo that mental clutter.

If you're feeling emotionally stuck like the lid on your favourite jar of pickles, this is the moon to pop the top and let things flow.

Other planets are also getting in on the action. Jupiter and Uranus are collabing to remind us that it's time to give ourselves more credit. So, put your detective hat on and investigate where you've been selling yourself short.

You can't become the version of yourself you're aiming to be if you're still clinging to the old you.

So, my fellow cosmic explorers, get ready to ride the waves of emotions and embrace those epiphanies that this super blue Pisces moon is bringing our way. Grab your popcorn, cause this Super Blue Full Moon is about to change your plot! 🌕✨