Oh my Wocky: Neopets is making a major comeback with a whole 'new era' of Neopia
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Oh my Wocky: Neopets is making a major comeback with a whole 'new era' of Neopia

Catch ya at Rainbow Fountain!

Neopets is making a YUGE comeback, and I am so freaking stoked to jump straight back in!

The Neopets team dropped the news of a drumroll, please… Brand spankin' new mobile app. 

They're going all out to make our Neopets experience better than ever before. From games to exciting announcements, articles, and more. That means no more searching through endless pages just to play your favourite games or get the latest scoop!

The shiny new mobile game is called World Of Neopets, and it's going to let us unleash our adventurous sides. You'll get to explore the magical world of Neopia, complete quests, and hang out with NPCs and other players. 

It’s going to be a fab life-simulation game where you live the Neopian dream from the perspective of a Neopet! You get to deck out your Neohome with the coolest stuff, roam around iconic Neopian lands in glorious 3D, discover hidden treasures and knowledge, or even chill with your Neofriends and play some epic mini-games together.

SOURCE: Neopets

Hold your JubJub though, 'cause it's set to release next year, but hey, good things come to those who wait!

If you can’t wait to jump back into your Neopet days the Neopet website is live now and it looks like it’s a one-stop shop for everything, from brand announcements to links for games and products. It's like hitting the Neopian jackpot!

On July 25th, we'll also have access to 50 classic games. Talk about nostalgia overload!

I don't know about you, but that’s my weekend plans sussed. Bring on 2024 for the new era of Neopia.