This crafty Kiwi has gone viral for her NZ food earrings and my school lunchbox is screaming
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What's Good

This crafty Kiwi has gone viral for her NZ food earrings and my school lunchbox is screaming

You're telling me I can wear my year 6 lunch on my ears?!

An extremely talented jewellery designer from Auckland has taken the internet by storm with her delicious-looking earings

No, we're not talking about edible earrings (although that would be pretty impressive). Joy's handmade earrings are inspired by tasty foods that will leave you craving a snack and a stylish accessory at the same time.

With loads of NZ snacks in the mix, Joy creates funky earring designs including Marmite on toast, lolly mixtures, chocolate fish, fairy bread and almost anything else we Kiwis love to dig our teeth into.

Now, you might be wondering how Joy stumbled upon this unique craft. Well, she told 1News it all started during lockdown when she needed something to keep her busy. 

Joy said: "I started an Instagram account, and I just started posting photos of my work just for fun.”

"People, I guess, really liked it and then orders started coming in through Instagram, and people wanted to buy things,” she added.

Little did Joy know that her delicious designs would be a hit all around the globe. Her Instagram following has skyrocketed to a whopping 121,000 (cue the confetti and applause!). 

What's her secret recipe for success? Nostalgia. Joy draws inspiration from the foods that make people transport back to their childhood days of blissful snacking.

"Most of my ideas come from — simply from foods that I love and foods that bring people nostalgia, to give them a sense of their childhood."

Take, for instance, her bagged sandwich earrings. These tiny, mouth-watering replicas of the classic lunchtime food garnered a mind-boggling 8.8 million views on Instagram.

 Who would have thought that a sandwich in a bag could be so captivating? But let's not underestimate the effort that goes into creating these delectable accessories. Some pieces take Joy more than two hours to complete! From baking and glazing to assembling, packaging, and photographs, she puts her heart and soul into each and every pair.

I mean, look at how much detail goes into it. Joy carefully places each layer/ ingredient together, and I couldn’t even get my butt into gear to make myself a sandwich for lunch most days… I’m seriously impressed!

We might have to go buy a pair or three! But fair warning: her earrings might make you crave a snack break.