Viral TikTok WAP Dance
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Kiwi office 'Queen' whips out viral WAP dance on her last day at work and sends co-workers wild

Give me a better work story... You can't!

Picture this: a quiet professional office working hard to get the day's work done, as the faint sound of the iconic tune WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion begins took over the building.

Heads began popping up above computer screens and eyes peering out meeting room windows. Everyone only knew one person that could smash the viral TikTok dance out of the park - Ange!

That’s exactly what happened right here at Edge HQ on Thursday. 

Our very own Edge Afternoon’s Sharyn Casey filmed the whole thing for your enjoyment, as did literally half of the office. 

Ange's ICONIC WAP Dance
Ange entertained the office on her last day by pulling some exceptional moves.
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A little-known secret here is that Ange is no stranger to busting a move for the masses, and she absolutely nails it every single time. I wish you guys could’ve seen it IRL, it was an inspirational WAP. 

With her outgoing enthusiasm on full display, Ange busted out those moves with fierce determination. Hip sways, booty pops, and a high kick that would knock the hat straight off your head - she had it all down pat. 

We were all mesmerized, cheering like a bunch of wild fans at a rock concert! As the cameras filmed away, Ange's infectious energy spread like wildfire. 

When the dance frenzy finally came to an end, we gave Ange a standing ovation fit for a superstar. She took a bow, laughing and thanking everyone for being part of her unforgettable finale.

That day, we not only celebrated her outgoing spirit but also learned a valuable lesson: work can be fun, and it's the people who make it. 

Ange reminded us all that life's too short not to dance like no one's watching, even in a corporate setting.

So here's to Ange, the office dance sensation! May her future be filled with even more fabulous moves! ;)