KitKat Palnt-Based
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What's Good

Kit Kat just announced they've brought back one of their bars after an 'outpouring of demand'

This one's for all the vegans and alty milk peeps.

In some beautiful news for all the vegan peeps, KitKat has just released their plant-based chocolate bars back on the shelves here in NZ.

After popular demand, the KitKat Plant Based treat definitely comes as a major win for all of us alty milk drinkers.

With the chocolate being made from a rice-based milk alternative, I can finally enjoy the sweet satisfaction of letting myself have more than one piece, and not having major regrets later- IYKYK!

Even just knowing that it’s vegan, makes a whole lotta difference for guilt-free snacking.

Nestlé Head of Marketing, Fern Castellanos said: “KitKat Plant Based is one of our most requested products, and we are so excited to be able to bring this vegan-certified treat back for everyone to enjoy.”

 “We’ve experienced an outpouring of demand on our socials for the return.”

Okay, I have a confession… It was me. I was begging for it to make its way back, and I’m glad the 47 DMs I sent finally got through! Just kidding… or am I?

The vegan-friendly chocolate block is here for a good time not a long time, so enjoy it while it lasts! I know I will!