Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie Puppies
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What's Good

I've never been more attracted to Ryan Gosling than in this new hilarious 'Barbie' Interview

He's giving ALL the Kenergy!

Ryan Gosling is all set to star as Ken in the upcoming ‘Barbie’ alongside Margot Robbie, and we’re counting down the days until we can see it on the big screen.

Especially after the most recent Buzzfeed interview where the two stars play with adorable pups. 

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

Ryan left us swooning with his irresistible charm and had us in hysterics with his quick-witted and humorous responses. He was giving all the Kenergy to get us in the mood for ‘Barbie’.

During the interview, when asked about what his favourite part about playing Ken was, Ryan replied: "Getting to work with Margot and Greta and all these talented people. And getting to wear a fake mink, and I think the headband is a good look for me!"


One of my favourite moments of the whole interview has to be when the pups get into a little tiff, and Ryan swoops in to ask if he should intervene. We love a protector! 

He then starts joking that the two pups have beef and questions: “What was going on backstage?”

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

Ryan's sense of humour is as sharp as ever. When asked about which role he misses the most he mentioned his most recent gig as Ken, and somehow related it to Cinnabuns’ canned dough.

He joked: "The Ken thing is tough… It’s kind of like that Pillsbury Cinnabun mix. You know once you open that canister it all just [falls out]. It’s very hard to [put back in]." 

“Once you open it, you’re making Cinnabuns and you’re loving it.”

Margot who later admitted she had no clue what he was talking about, simply replied: “That makes perfect sense.” 

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

As the interview continued, Ryan's wit continued to shine. When Margot mentioned all the Barbie actresses gathered to have a sleepover the Ken’s were invited to “stop by, but obviously couldn’t sleep over”, Ryan acted super cool calm and collected. Not!!

He playfully responded: “Didn’t wanna sleep over anyway, had other things to do, please, what am I ten? I’m not going to a sleepover!”

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

Good to know he wasn’t butt-hurt over it, right? Lol.

We can't help but fall deeper in love with the infectious sense of humour and magnetic personality these two shine. Their playful banter has us counting down the days until we can witness the on-screen magic in ‘Barbie’ on July 20.