Husky cuddle sessions are actually a thing here in NZ, so where do I sign up?
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What's Good

Husky cuddle sessions are actually a thing here in NZ, so where do I sign up?

Forget cat cafés, this is IT!

We've found out there’s a Kiwi husky cuddles experience right here in NZ, and the more I look the cuteness overload is taking over!

On farmland in Taupo, there are 14 Siberian Huskies, and they've been made available for cuddles.  Steve and Taniya Coxhead run Timberline Huskies, the ultimate husky enthusiasts with over 25 years of sled dog experience under their belts.

I'm not Forthe biggest dog person but who could resist these fluff balls, right?!

SOURCE: @timberlinehuskies on Instagram

Timberline Kennels is not just your average puppy play centre – oh no, I’ve looked into it, and there's a whole load of stuff going on! 

The huskies get harnessed up and hooked to a quad bike, ready for a ride. But hold your horses, ahem, I mean dogs – you won't be riding yourself, which is a bit of a bummer - as for the cuddles, they come later!

Siberian Huskies are natural-born runners, and you can see their passion for racing written all over their furry faces. But fear not, Steve and Taniya say the health and happiness of the pups are a top priority. The races are limited to a few circuits to ensure they don't overheat. 

Seems way more animal friendly compared to those seal and otter cafés overseas, so we gotta give them props for that!

SOURCE: @timberlinehuskies on Instagram

After the racing, it’s a puppy cuddlefest.

As you enter the puppy kennel, the adorable husky pups with sapphire eyes tumble over each other in a race to cuddle and play. 

SOURCE: @timberlinehuskies on Instagram

Warning: extreme cuteness overload may cause heart-melting moments!

Surely we all remember a bunch of cute Husky pups coming into uni, and it instantly made us feel better, right? If you didn't, you absolutely missed out.

After that, I'm no longer booking a massage to relieve the work/study stress, I'm now looking into regular puppy cuddle sessions.