KitKat & Milkybar have created a nostalgic af treat and the breaks are on us for you and a mate

KitKat & Milkybar have created a nostalgic af treat and the breaks are on us for you and a mate

Transport back to your childhood in one milky bite!

Get ready to have your taste buds transported back to childhood with the exciting new collaboration between KitKat and Milkybar! 

We’re talking about the deliciously crispy wafer finger of a KitKat, covered in creamy, real milk goodness. 

It's like a blast from the past, bringing back all those nostalgic memories in a single milky bite.

This legen-dairy collaboration between two Kiwi favourites has hit stores up and down the country. It’s available in three mouth-watering formats: the classic bar, a block for those who can't get enough, and a share pack perfect for enjoying with friends or hoarding all to yourself. 

Let's be honest, breaking off a piece of this deliciousness just isn’t enough!

That’s why we’re giving away 2 chances to win a KitKat Milkybar Prize Packs worth $50  for you and a mate who needs a break!

Each pack will include a mix of KitKat Milkybar share packs, blocks, and some awesome KitKat merch. It's the ultimate treat for all you white chocolate enthusiasts out there.

Keen? All you need to do is @ a pal who needs a break in our Facebook comments, and BOOM, you’re in the draw to win! We’ll be picking two winners and their mates to enjoy a good ol’ KitKat treat.

Fern Castellanos, the Nestlé Head of Marketing, expressed her excitement about this iconic collaboration, saying: “We know that both KitKat and Milkybar have loyal fans who love each of them for their unique choc taste - we can't wait to see what they think of this iconic collaboration of the two!”

“In bringing together two of New Zealand’s all-time favourite confectionery treats, this exciting mash-up introduces a delicious addition to the KitKat range and lets fans enjoy their favourite break with a new milk twist."

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in the ultimate milky break and treat yourself to a taste of childhood with a delightful KitKat Milky Bar now!