OMG Glasshouse has released a pretty pink candle that legitimately smells like a Barbie
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OMG Glasshouse has released a pretty pink candle that legitimately smells like a Barbie

'What's that smell?' Oh, just the sweet scent of my childhood!

I'm not joking when I say I think we've just found the perfect scent to transport us back to our favourite childhood memories.

Glasshouse Fragrances and Mattel have joined forces to create a freaking Barbie Dreamhouse scented candle, to remind us all of the sweet nostalgic scent of our childhood. Can you tell I'm excited?

Surely we all remember the thrill of opening a brand-new Barbie out of the box. If you're anything like me you even attempted whacking on some of that cheap strawberry lipgloss you got as a freebie in the front of a magazine. 

That's why I'm keen af to have my nostrils whiff up the new Strawberry & Dream scented candle!

It's a whole load of delicious-sounding fragrances all packed into one soy candle. Picture sweet berries, brown sugar, mint leaves and, wait for it...a plastic doll! Yep, they've somehow managed to capture that unique scent of a brand-new Barbie.

While it may be tempting enough to eat, please for the love of Barbie, don't throw yourself back to the days of munching on a plastic Barbie shoe - these candles are strictly for sniffing! lol.

Nicole Eckels, the genius behind Glasshouse Fragrances, said: “Everyone has their own unique memories around playtime with this iconic brand." Mine is definitely lining all my Barbies up for the perfect fashion show!

That's why I'm absolutely obsessed with the packaging of the candle showing off a bunch of different Barbie dolls over the years.

So, if you're as jazzed as me and want to light up your Barbie world, these candles are now available on the Glasshouse website.