KFC Hot Honey Double Down
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What's Good

KFC just dropped an unbelievable sweet new Double Down, and I'm already licking my fingers

Hot, sticky and sweet... No not me. It's new Double Down in town!

KFC just released a new edition of their Double Down, and it might just be the solution to the sweet vs savoury debate.

The cult favourite Double Down has made its sweet return - literally - and this time, it's got a twist. 

The fast food chain has released the ‘Hot Honey Double Down'. It’s like the classic Down, but with spicy hot honey sauce and, of course, the Zinger fillets to give it that extra heat. 

Tbh, I’ve been waiting for some sort of sweet and savoury combination from the colonel, and while it’s not chicken and waffles, I think it could still pass for a cheeky drive-thru breakfast. ;)

We gave it a try at The Edge HQ, and it was a huge hit! Even the spice cowards were keen on the sweet tingle of the new hot honey!

But if you like it plain and simple, don’t worry, the OG finger-licking Double Down has remained untouched.

Both Double Downs are here for a good time, not a long time. So, if you’re keen to give it a try, gather your chicken-loving crew and get stuck right in!