Groom gets blasted after video of his 'disrespectful' af move on his wedding day goes viral
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Groom gets blasted after video of his 'disrespectful' af move on his wedding day goes viral

"Get an annulment NOW!!"

A groom has been called out for his “disrespectful” act that's gone viral on TikTok faster than you can say "I do." And let me tell you, it’s for all the wrong reasons!

There’s been a fair share of wedding disasters that have gone viral, from couples getting stuck in elevators to brides discovering their grooms' secret affairs with the best man. But this… This one takes the cake.

In the now-deleted video, TikTok user Cynthia Umunze (@cynthiaumunze) gracefully walks down the aisle with her new hubby. She's all smiles, radiating pure bliss, while he's, well, completely glued to his phone. I wish I was joking!

Luckily one Twitter user reshared the original video, so you can watch the blunder for yourself.

Out of all the days to have your eyes locked on a screen, you choose your wedding day? 

Naturally, the internet had a field day with this one. The video spread like wildfire, reaching over 40 million views on the original clip and giving everyone plenty to say about Mr. Can’t-put-his-phone-down. 

One Twitter user didn't hold back, calling him “disrespectful” and “condescending”.

Another said: “This better be a skit. If not baby girl get an annulment NOW!!!!!!”

While a third asked: “I genuinely want to know what he was doing and why she wasn’t bothered?”

It wasn’t all knives and pitchforks coming after the groom though. Some other commenters felt this was somewhat “normal”.

“Couples be fighting every time on their wedding day. It’s not even a new thing. I’ve seen this at a lot of weddings. They said it’s usually the stress of the day getting to them, nothing serious,” wrote one user.

Another added: “Also he could be checking if everything is done at the reception venue or letting them know they are done with the church session.”

Either way, it was absolutely NOT the moment you want to be captured with millions of people talking about on the internet. YIKES!

Trust me, if a video of me on my big day ever went viral, I'd pull a disappearing act faster than Houdini. 

Let this be a lesson to all future grooms and brides: put the darn phone down and focus on the magic happening right in front of you.