Office worker feels no guilt whatsoever accepting boss' praise for her ChatGPT-written work
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Intern feels no guilt whatsoever accepting manager's praise for her ChatGPT-written report

“I now have an arvo free to use my Iconic voucher ha ha ha”

An Auckland woman has refused to feel guilt or the slightest bit of remorse for accepting praise from her boss for writing a report that she did not, in fact, actually write herself.

23-year-old marketing intern, Kelsey Jones, was called into her manager’s office earlier this week and was commended on her “brilliant work” for putting together an impressive 16-slide marketing strategy - but failed to state that she used ChatGPT to write all of it.

I just chucked it into ChatGPT and it spat out something that sounded good. Better than anything I could've done. I showed it to my boss and he loved it.

“H  a h a h” She continued.

When pressed by her worried friends that she could be found out and even fired for claiming ChatGPT as her own work, Kelsey was unphased.

He’s like 40 or 60 or something, I don’t think he even knows what it is yet. Boomers, ya know?

The recent weeks have seen a pant-shitting rise in the development and release of AI tools, with many people working in administrative fields terrified at the thought that they will be replaced by computers who can do their jobs faster and better (and cheaper) than they can.

However, this wave of panic and anxiety has appeared to not hit the Gen-Zer just yet.

“I mean, why would you do all that work when you can get something else to do it for you? It’s not hurting anyone” she quipped.

I now have an arvo free to use my iconic voucher ha ha ha

This article is 1) made up and 2) was not written by ChatGPT. Or was it?