'Terrifying' horror movie banned in NZ resurfaces on TikTok, and I feel sick after searching it
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'Terrifying' horror movie banned in NZ resurfaces on TikTok, and I feel sick after searching it

Even the director is warning us not to watch!

A terrifying horror film that is banned here in New Zealand has resurfaced on TikTok, and if you're easily spooked, consider this your warning!

'Megan is Missing' made its debut back in 2011, and for over a decade, it has been traumatising those brave enough to watch it. 

Don’t believe me? The graphic content has given viewers nightmares. In fact, the director himself, Michael Goi, advises against watching it at night if you value your sleep. 

Now, TikTokers are sharing their reactions to the terrifying flick. Based on their reactions alone, I 10/10 would not recommend!

According to IMDB:  Megan seeks friends who are different from her usual posse, she is introduced by a friend online to a 17-year-old boy named Josh in a chat room. Megan and Josh bond quickly, leaving Megan’s best friend Amy feeling a bit left out.”

“One day, Megan goes to meet Josh in person, and she is never seen again. Amy launches into a concentrated effort to find her friend. As the media swirls around the story of Megan's disappearance, Amy discovers the horrifying truth about what happened to her friend. Based on research into seven actual cases of child abduction, MEGAN IS MISSING is an uncompromising, gut-wrenching view of the world children live in today.”

Now, here's the kicker. The film received quite a backlash due to its shocking and graphic scenes. In fact, it got banned by the Office of Film & Literature Classification right here in NZ. 

Even Director Michael Goi felt the need to speak up and issue some serious warnings. 

He advises: “Do not watch the movie in the middle of the night, do not watch the movie alone, and if you see the words ‘Photo Number one’ pop up on your screen, you have about four seconds to shut off the movie, if you’re already freaking out before you start seeing things that maybe you don’t want to see.” Consider yourself warned!

Now, let me ease your worries a bit. Although this spine-chilling flick was marketed as a 'true story,' thankfully, it's not. 

It's loosely based on the dangers many young girls could face when interacting with strangers online. 

Consider it as a cautionary story that will make you think twice before chatting with anyone you don't know.

I don't know about you, but I'm off to secure my privacy settings on all my socials. Safety first, right?