Aus guy dodges cellphone driving fine by proving he was eating cheese dip, and relatable much?
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Aus guy dodges cellphone driving fine by proving he was eating cheese dip, and relatable much?

He had a gouda day in court, that's for sure!

A Sydney man who was fined for using his phone while driving has beaten the charge after proving he was actually holding a Le Snak-like packet of crackers and cheese dip. 

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, the 35-year-old lad was snapped by a high-tech phone detection camera while driving along the streets in Sydney in June, last year. 

Just over a month later, in August, he received a hefty fine of $352 in the mail along with a letter adding that he had received five demerit points for driving while holding a phone. 


Now, this is the part where the story starts to get gouda! Get it, lol.

His defence lawyer Benjamin Goh took snacktion into his own hands at the Downing Centre Local Court on Monday arguing his client was “simply trying to have afternoon tea”.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Goh said: “You can only be found guilty of driving while holding a mobile phone if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you were actually holding a phone.”

“My client is a hardworking Australian who was simply trying to have his afternoon tea after finishing work.”

He added: “My client had proper control of the vehicle because the photo showed his left hand was in contact with the steering wheel while he was attempting to open the packet.”

The Sydney driver took to the witness box to clear his name and argued he was trying to open a pack of Dippits - the Aldi supermarket version of a Le Snak. 

To prove his innocence, the man had to demonstrate opening a packet of the cheesy snack using the very technique he is said to have used on the day he was caught.

The court was also told he had bought three Dippits while at work on the day he was snapped by the camera. 

Now, that is the real crime…

After a perfect display of peeling the lid back while able to maintain control of the steering wheel, Magistrate Miranda Moody found the man to be a credible and believable witness, revoking his fine and five demerit point punishment.

Well, I think what we’ve learnt from this is that when it comes to snacking behind the wheel it’s feta to be safe than sorry - okay, I’m done with the cheese puns now - drive safe!