Spare a thought for this Auckland gal who got her finger stuck in a public toilet
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Spare a thought for this Auckland gal who got her finger stuck in a public toilet

2 fire trucks, and 6 firefighters later...

If you thought you were having a sh*tty day, you should check out this hectic experience one Kiwi gal had with two fire trucks, six firefighters and a public toilet.

Yeah, that sentence could never sound good, right?

Jasmine Gray posted her sister’s mishap to TikTok explaining: “Watch my family be late to mum’s birthday dinner because my sister got her finger stuck in the flush button of a public toilet.”

In the wild journey of a vid, Jasmine shows a montage of pics, starting with the initial panic of the flusher finger.

As the clip progressed we see that the finger “really do be stuck in there”, and in case you were wondering how much it hurt, Jasmine confirms “it hurt like a b**ch.”

SOURCE: @jasminegray on TikTok

So with no sign of the finger breaking free on its own, there was only one way to get her sister out… Yep, that’s where the firemen come in to play.

*111, we have an emergency*

The firemen from Auckland’s Grey Lynn fire department came to the rescue and luckily managed to remove the flusher from the wall before cutting the girl’s finger out. 

SOURCE: @jasminegray on TikTok

I mean, how many people can say it took 6 firefighters and a bunch of power tools to get your finger out of a literal sh*tty situation, lol!

Thankfully, no one was harmed in the process, well, maybe the loo, but the family made it to dinner, and Jasmine’s sister had a rewarding bevvy to celebrate.

I don’t think I’ll approach flushing a toilet the same from now on…