Jetstar's having a 'mates rates' sale that has $25 flights around NZ so it's slay-cation time
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Jetstar's having a 'mates rates' sale that has $25 flights around NZ so it's slay-cation time

Air NZ and Jetstar are in their 'sales' era.

Out of friggin nowhere, Jetstar has announced a new sale with domestic flights as low as $25.

Their ‘Mates’ Rates’ sale comes just a week after Air New Zealand threw their own cheap flight sale. We stan competition between airlines (because we benefit). 

Travel dates for ‘Mates’ Rates’ sale are from June through September between the big cities of our country: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, and Dunedin. The sale ends on 11:59 PM this Sunday, May the 14th. 

The fine print says there’s no checked baggage, and it’s all one way. However, I did some research and you can go still get cheap return flights. Booking and service fees range anywhere from $5 to $12.50 added to the listed price. There are more details on Jetstar’s website. 

I managed to find an Auckland to Wellington round trip for just $58, with a five-dollar service fee added, kind of slay.

Some of the prices include:

  • Auckland to Wellington from $29
  • Auckland to Dunedin from $39
  • Auckland to Queenstown from $45
  • Wellington to Auckland from $29
  • Wellington to Christchurch from $25
  • Wellington to Queenstown from $33
  • Christchurch to Auckland from $29
  • Christchurch to Wellington from $25

If all the spots get taken up, Air New Zealand is offering the same routes (though not as cheap, of course). Another feather in Air NZ’s cap is the fact they’re heavily considering changing up their in-flight snack options. 

Late last month the airline launched the ‘Great Kiwi Snack Off’, a campaign launched to help sort out the possible new menu (sorry Cookie Time cookies!). They’ve received over 250 submissions so far, and shared the 13 they see as the most “imaginative”. 

Kiwi Onion Dip, L&P gummies, and Snifters slices were just three of the snacks to make the shortlist. See the full shortlist here.