You're gonna lose it when you find out how much a coffee and burrito costs at Coachella
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You're gonna lose it when you find out how much a coffee and burrito costs at Coachella

"The way my jaw DROPPED"

If you thought a coffee on Ponsonby Road was expensive, I wouldn't recommend an early start at this year's Coachella music festival.

While tickets weren't cheap - costing anywhere from NZ$800 up to more than $1700 - keeping yourself fueled and hydrated at the six-day-long festie could well and truly send you into overdraft.

TikTokker Jackie Tanti has been blowing people's minds with a vid showing the hefty price tag of two coffees and two burritos (what a combo) she bought at the gig. 

Brace yourself because I nearly fell off my seat when I converted the price to NZD and found out it would burn a whopping $103-sized ($64 USD) hole in my pocket!!!

She admits the burritos 'are actually pretty good' but that ain't cutting it for me if I have to fork out an entire Sir Ernest Rutherford plus change.

It seems the comments largely agree that $103 is an outrageous price to pay for two coffees and two burritos, with one writing: "The way my jaw DROPPED" and another questioning the quality of the food in question, commenting: "Err I'm sorry wait….the burrito looks genuinely like 65% tortilla".

Fellow festival-goer @Marsls posted a photo of the Coachella Diner menu on Twitter sharing her shock at the price of the breakfast items in particular.

"WHY IS COLD CEREAL AND MILK $12?!?!? Avocado Toast for $20 just by adding a slice of tomato…" she wrote.

Converted to NZD, that's $19.40 for cold cereal with milk and $32.30 for avocado toast. You could buy a full two-litre bottle of milk and an entire box of cereal with money to spare for that kind of cash. 

Another exclaimed: "Coachella food prices have fully prepared me for inflation".

While the majority of the vendors seem to have kept their menus under wraps for those outside the festival, El Chino Grande shared their brunch menu to Instagram, which includes a $19 porridge, a $32 breakfast burger and a $40 triple fried chicken wings.

Another called Love Hour Los Angeles also promoted their 'artist specials' ahead of the event.

Despite offering the likes of the 'Metro Booming Burger', or the 'EarthGang Burger', I certainly wouldn't be coughing up $40 plus an extra $16 to add a drink and fries.

While I'm sure Coachella is on many a bucket list, this year is a warning to make sure you save plenty of dough before jetting off to the Californian desert.