You'll lose it at this 2010 footage of an unrecognisable MAFS Alyssa on 'Judge Judy'
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You'll lose it at this 2010 footage of an unrecognisable MAFS Alyssa on 'Judge Judy'

Turns out this isn't her first reality rodeo!

We are losing our sh** after discovering footage of 2023 ‘Married At First Sight’ bride Alyssa Barmonde on ‘Judge Judy’ 13 years ago. 

Yep, turns out ‘MAFS’ was not Alyssa’s first reality rodeo after she recently revealed she was a defendant on the show way back in 2010 and Judge Judy went IN on the reality star calling her "annoying" and "illiterate".

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The reality star posted footage from her appearance in TikToks from 2021, and let me tell you, she looked quite different back then.

Not only was she sporting some questionable 2000s fashion, but she also had a "Karen"-style haircut with side bangs and prominent blonde highlights.

SOURCE: @alyssabakescakes on TikTok

During her appearance, Judge Judy called her "annoying" and a "functional illiterate" with her signature Brooklyn accent. Ouch!

But don't worry, Alyssa took it all in stride and even opened up about her experience on set in another TikTok video. 

She revealed that the show was 100% real and not scripted. Plus, she got paid a small appearance fee and was put up in Hollywood for the night, which was totally awesome since she was only 22 years old at the time.

If you’re curious, the case was about two of her housemates who were suing her over a fire that started in their home. 

They tried to blame her hookah pipe, but Alyssa made a rookie mistake by sending them a text message admitting to taking full responsibility. 

Little did she know that they hacked her work computer and downloaded those text messages to use as evidence against her. 

Judge Judy ultimately threw the case out because her housemates had kept her $700 security deposit. Phew, that was a close one!

So, what do we think about Alyssa's Judge Judy appearance? Are you loving her "Karen" haircut or cringing at the fashion choices of the early 2000s?