What is 'Spotify Pie' and how do I get a slice? My guilty pleasure songs are quaking
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What is 'Spotify Pie' and how do I get a slice? My guilty pleasure songs are quaking

No need to wait a whole year, get ya stats now!

If you're a fan of Spotify Wrapped, the annual recap of music-listening habits that dominates everyone's sosh meds for a week, then you're in for a treat. 

A US student named Darren Huang has come up with an alternative called Spotify Pie that gives you a breakdown of your recent music trends at any time, and in a colourful pie chart format that'll take you right back to year four maths class.

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, which you have to wait a whole year for, Spotify Pie provides up-to-date data on your music preferences, compiling listening information into an easily digestible chart that categorizes your music into genres, so you can really see what your guilty pleasures are. 

From standard pop and soft rock to more obscure genres like Birmingham Grime, Permanent Wave, or Brain Dance (don't ask me??), Spotify Pie breaks it all down for you.

Not only does it display the genre breakdown, but by hovering your cursor over a section of the pie chart, you will get a detailed breakdown of all the artists that fall into that genre or subgenre. 

The only potential downside of the Spotify Wrapped alternative is that getting a screenshot of the whole thing can be a bit tricky due to its layout and size - like, let me live my music snob dreams on Insta stories, pls? 

However, that hasn't stopped music data nerds from sharing their charts to show off what they're getting their groove on to. 

To see your own Spotify Pie breakdown, all you need to do is head to Darren Huang's website and enter your Spotify login details.

We're thinking Spotify themselves might not be so keen on this alternative wrap-up, but who are we to stifle Darren's data-collecting dreams? If you're not too embarro about your musical tastes, you're gonna want to get involved. Plus, you might even find some new artists you never knew you were into.  Happy charting!