This Kiwi app gives you massive discounts on food near you and helps reduce food waste
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What's Good

This Kiwi app gives you massive discounts on food near you and helps reduce food waste

Just call me Captain Planet, amirite?

It's a tricky life for those with smaller spending habits and an appetite for good food. Seeing almond croissants and salmon bagels whilst scrolling through the gram is somewhat painful when you're stuck on packet noodles and budget brand wraps. 

If this sounds like a bitta you, you might like to know there’s an app that allows you to buy cafe food at a super discounted price and gives you the warm fuzzies knowing you're doing your bit for the environment. 

‘Foodprint’ is here to change the game here in Aotearoa, tackling the issue of food waste head on whilst saving us all a bit of moolah along the way. 

The app allows you to explore both familiar and new eateries near you, where you can purchase their surplus food at a huuuge discount, often 50% off, if not more.

Because the app stops food that would usually go to waste from ending up in landfill, it’s doing really good stuff for the environment. Carbon emissions are reduced, while you get some yummy food for a steal. Sounds like a win-win to me.

There is nothing wrong with the food the businesses make available for purchase. It’s simply a case where they’ll have a couple of BLT’s left and they’ve been pretty quiet that day or they're about to close. So, instead of throwing away the food that may not sell, Foodprint users can get their mitts on it with just a coupla clicks. 

I’m a Foodprint user myself - could you tell? #Notspon - and I really rate it. It’s easy to use, and actually quite fun. 

Once you've purchased your food through the app, the cafe puts it aside for you. You can pick it up whenever suits, as long as it's before closing time.

You can set your dietary preferences, filter food by price and get notifications from places near you to make sure you never miss out on a sweet deal from that place that does the amazing pastries down the road. 

You can also view the number of items and amount of money you've saved from your buys, along with the amount of carbon emissions saved from the food you ate as it didn’t end up in the waste, go you!! 


It’s a Kiwi-owned and operated app, so don’t be afraid to show them some support. It currently operates in Auckland, Hamilton, Raglan, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson.

Foodprint is available for both iPhone and Samsung users, just click here to download. You could also give them a follow on Instagram, where they’ll keep you up to date with the newest eateries being welcomed to the app. 

Go on, get out there and go rescue some tasty treats!